Remove blockages cleanse and balance the energy of your chakras

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Everything in the universe is made of energy, including the human being. It is the vital breath, the energy that has given rise and constantly moves the whole universe. As much as the human body is composed of a wealth of organs so the energetic body is made up of energy bodies, meridians and Chakras in connection with each other and with our physical body. 

The Chakras are connected to different aspects of us (physical, mental, emotional, ethereal ...)  When the energy system is in balance the energy flows strong and smooth through the channels, you're in good health. Each center oversees certain organs, and has particular functions on an emotional, psychic and spiritual level. Because the Chakra system is the primary processing center for every function of our being, the blockage or energetic imbalance in the Chakras usually causes disorders in the body, the mind, the energetic field, etc. 

I'll restore the energy of your 12 basic Chakras (7 in front and 5 in the back)

By restoring the correct flow of energy, eliminating the blockages and rebalancing the Chakras, balance is then restored at all levels and countless benefits are soon visible.




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