Fill your house with positive energy

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Where the energy is still, dark and non vibrant, bad emotions and bad thoughts prosper... soon even bad things follows.


I'm an expert Healer and Dowser. For chromobiology healing, geobiology and other procedures I use the universal pendulum. In the hands of an expert dowser it's a potent instrument able to perform amazing healings and improve people's lives.


I perform a saturation of your house with positive energy.

When your house is filled with positive energy, every time you'll step in, you'll feel a wonderful sensation of lightness, like a huge weight has been lifted from your shoulders!

More positive energy means less room for negative energies!

It's very important to have at least one special place full of positive energy were to go to recharge our batteries after a stressful day.


I strongly recommend to bring always with you a small object with a strong positive energy charge, it will help you with it's extra positive energy during unexpected and stressful situations. 




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