A gift of powerful white light for your loved ones

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Are you looking for a perfect gift?

What better than one you choose but filled with the energy of the pure Love, the Divine White Light.  

The White light is a powerful positive energy that Cleanse and Boost your Energies, Raises your Frequency, keeps away negativities and Protect you from negative energies.


Can be done with any object you like: if it's something for the house will work for the energies of / in the room of the house where you place it; if it's a personal object will work for the person who use it/ wear it. 


If you'd like I can add an intent. I Will Accept only intents for the greater good of the receiver! 

The white light is pure love, any intent for the wellness of someone is amplified from the white light. The power of the white light also help you to walk your way out of darkest moments of life.


This is the perfect gift: a gift of love!


I will send you an email with a pdf card that you can put in the package with the object to explain, if you want, to the receiver what you really gifted him with.





LEAVE YOUR EMAIL : we'll send you a mail when the work is completed. :)

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